DUMBO is a mobile vacuum unit approved for public road transport, easy to move from one site to the next, with good access into narrow areas, easy handling and it meets the high demands from all industries due to its efficiency, reliability, easy maintenance.
DUMBO is a very compact mobile suction unit, especially designed for dust free filling directly into big-bag or container by means of a manual butterfly valve. The unit main components are; trailer (with EU Road Homologation), housing for vacuum pump and motor (Electric or Diesel), hopper bin, filter chamber, hydraulic operated elevating equipment for hopper and control cabinet.
DUMBO has two main version: Electric and DIESEL. All Diesel Engines are studied to last in the time and engineered to respect the most restrictive emission laws. For such reason all the engines we are using for the European Market only, they are all STEP V compliant.
Dust free filling direct into big-bag, suitable to vacuum and filter dry and wet material thanks to a high-performance Roots pump, with low noise level due to sound insulated housing. The cleaning of the filter is automatic made by the “Univac Reverse Flow System”. The hopper compartment is emptied through a manual operated butterfly valve. The unit can also operate as a central vacuum cleaning unit connected to a fixed pipe network.
DUMBO is suitable to be used in potentially explosive atmosphere and it can be certified according to European Directive ATEX 2014/34/EU ATEX II 3D.

*The above images are provided as a guide for commercial use, are not to be considered binding. The company keeps the right to modify the product without notice.


Model CS45E CS55D
Electric Motor Power 45 kW / 60 Hp 55 kW / 75 Hp.
Max Airflow 2.200 m³/h 2.050 m³/h
Max Vacuum 8.500 mm H2O 8.500 mm H2O
Max Vacuum setting 7.000 mm H2O 7.000 mm H2O
Primary Filter Surface 20 m² 20 m²
Safety Filter Surface 10 m² 10 m²
Filter Cleaning System Reverse flow System
Dust Capacity 1 m³ 1 m³
Discharging valve 300 mm
Trolley 2 twin axes
Max weight 3,5 T.
Dimensions (cm) 450 x 220 x H=290 – 390 (at work)
Homologation Homologated Homologated